About Cold Room

The cold rooms developed by Rockwell & MiddleBy Celfrost is the first-ever ultra-efficient range of freezers in India. All Cold Room products are embedded with an app-based monitoring system that automatically logs and stores critical performance data. With heat exchangers on the condenser and evaporator side with the guarantees higher efficiency.

Technical Specifications

Insulation: Modular cold room panels with rigid polyurethane foam and cam locking facility.
Thickness : 60, 80,100, 125,150 and 200mm.
Lamination: Pre-coated GI on both sides, SS sheet (Grade 202,304/316), GI plain sheet both sides or a combination of any 2 of the above.
Floor Finish: Aluminum checkered plate with marine plywood, PUF slabs, EPS slabs, XPS slabs, Tarfelt cladding etc. can be provided depending on customers requirement.
Injected Density: 40Kg/m3(+/-2)
Thermal Conductivity: 0.022 W/m2K
Vapour Permeability: 5.5mg/PASM
Operational Temp : -40 Deg C to +80 Deg C
Fire Resistance: PIR panels (Polyisocyanurate) can be provided where a requirement for resistance to fire may be higher.

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